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The white label canned vegetables with which everyone repeats!

Among the range of foodstuffs available within our private label or distributor brand of canned vegetables, you will be able to find a wide variety of foods that meet the highest quality standards. This is how we make sure that each person who tries them is looking forward to having them on their plate again.

Discover the products that will become a delight for your customers:


The natural, fried or peeled tomato is one of the most common foods in Mediterranean cuisine, one of the most chosen destinations in our country by tourists in all seasons of the year. Your gastronomy would not be the same without a distributor of canned vegetables like us!


Although the season par excellence for artichokes is winter, with Expoconsemur you can enjoy this delicious vegetable throughout the year. They are an excellent food to promote the digestion of other substances, such as fats. Do you want to include them in your order?


Peas are one of the most consumed legumes today due to the nutritional benefits they provide. Thanks to our distributor brand of canned vegetables, your customers will be able to enjoy their protein, fiber and vitamins in all their side dishes.

Green beans

This is another of the most requested legumes among those available in our canned vegetable manufacturer brand. Green beans are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, and they go perfectly with different recipes throughout the year.


What should the tastiest side dishes include? Mushrooms are always a hit. It is a fungus that offers multiple possibilities, since it can also be served raw in salads to give them a different touch than usual. You will love our selection!

Mixed vegetables

Vegetable salad is one of our most popular private label canned vegetables, as they are the perfect complement to any meal and save a lot of time in the kitchen without losing a single iota of quality.


Peppers are always a star product and they leave no one indifferent. Whether they are bell peppers or piquillo peppers. We offer you both varieties and in different formats, with an organic product certificate.


Asparagus is a product that guarantees an authentic flavor, and thanks to our preserves you can have them at any time of the year. It is a low-calorie food, diuretic and rich in fiber, so it cannot be missing from your menus every week.

Sweet corn

In every pantry you will always find a can of sweet corn, a food with great nutritional properties. Those from our canned vegetable manufacturer brand are always fresh and ready to be served!

Hearts of palm

Hearts of palm are one of the most characteristic foods of La Palma. The perfect complement to give an extra touch to multiple recipes, either in stem format or cut into slices. We can consider it a very exclusive product, since the tree from which it is obtained grows very slowly.

Expoconsemur sells trusted vegetable preserves

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