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The juices that many drink every morning!

Facing the mornings with energy and freshness is synonymous with having a glass of quality squeezed fruit every day. With our juices, private label or MDD of juices and nectars you will find the most gratifying flavor and you will enjoy the properties of our products to the fullest.

Discover the natural juices that will become your customers' desire every day:

Fruit juice

Our juices are completely made from selected fruits, so they are a very simple way to provide the body with the necessary vitamins to perform with energy and vitality on a daily basis.

Without a doubt, the perfect way to strengthen defenses and obtain antioxidants. In glass and Brik format, and with all kinds of flavours: from the most traditional to new combinations that create the perfect pairing of flavours.

Fruit nectars

Fruit juices and nectars provide a very important nutritional value that has become essential for a large number of people. An exquisite variety of drinks that is made from selected fruit concentrates.

In addition to traditional flavours, we also offer you more current trends, such as tropical nectars, multifruits and other delicious combinations. In glass and brik format.

Assured quality certifications

Buying at Expoconsemur is a guarantee of investing in high-quality products. We are specialists in offering all kinds of private label foods that have nothing to envy to those of the best-known manufacturers in each specific area.

If you are looking for comfort and careful attention to the nature of the food you consume on a daily basis, we are your trusted distributors. We work with approved suppliers, with the most important certifications of excellence existing in the market.

Choose the juices and nectars of Expoconsemur

We have more than 50 years of experience in this sector that have allowed us to become a business that represents and markets reference juices and nectars in various Spanish provinces, as well as in other countries of the European Union.

We put multiple varieties at your fingertips. Ideal to fill the mornings with the necessary energy!


More than 35 years in the food market. We are specialists in white label or private label.


An example of our vision to expand the market and introduce new products.

When the profession is by vocation, it becomes a source of greater satisfaction.

Qualified, motivated and efficient professionals driven by the desire to offer you the best products and full support to achieve your business goals.

Our familiarity and high knowledge of each market allows us to support and suggest commercial policies to configure market strategies for each product.