About us

Expoconsemur is a commercial office specialized in the distribution of brands both in the national and international markets.

Founded 35 years ago by Pepe Martínez, who grew up in a canning factory.

Mentor of the second generation who firmly follows in his footsteps, providing global knowledge, from the germ of the raw material, through the purchase of materials, manufacturing and sales processes.

He is the backbone of many of our older contacts, for what he brought to their organizations.

At Expoconsemur we feel honored to maintain today many of these commercial relationships, as important as they are long-lasting.

Thousands of stories accompany Expoconsemur.

The vast majority of these experiences revolve around demonstrating on a day-to-day basis that you deserve the trust and respect of customers.
Still, in the business and personal history of the company, some clients did not come to trust the suggested business strategies.
But that happens, it’s part of the trade.

Fortunately, those who have always trusted 100% have been the most important.

To achieve all this, they have to spend years.

Behind Expoconsemur there are 55 years of profession.

Our reputation crosses borders and companies from other sectors contact us to reinforce or create their sales team.

We are passionate about creating commercial links that add to the business of the interested parties.

Our work adds value to the trade chain and helps other companies achieve their goals.

At Expoconsemur we value the opportunities to integrate new references, regardless of the sector. Thus, for example, in addition to food, we work on other products such as cosmetics.

We have the knowledge, capacity and efficiency to help you achieve your business objectives, as well as the experience and business tradition in the national and international market.

We know and select very competitive quality products. We carry out operations to generate benefits for our suppliers and customers.

The commitment in everything we do and our business structure has given us a goodwill and a highly recognized reputation in world markets.


Like any company, Expoconsemur is made up of people.

A qualified and efficient team, whose greatest satisfaction is a job well done to help you select the product you need and complete support for your company.

If we set a goal, both with suppliers and customers, we will give everything to achieve it together.

We don’t run away from adversity. You can always count on us.

Throughout history, Expoconsemur has specialized in the private label or distributor brand sector.

We work with approved suppliers with the most important quality certifications existing in the current market.

The “Consemur” line of products is the reflection and main standard of each product that we help to serve at the table of the final consumer.

You can check these products here.

Expoconsemur knows his trade.

We are a serious and professional company willing to help you achieve your sales goals.