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A small and necessary source of vitamins, minerals and fats

With the aim of providing the body with the vitamins, fats and minerals it needs to maintain optimum performance, having an olive supplier such as Expoconsemur is an excellent option to consider. If what you are looking for are products from the manufacturer, with original quality, you have found a trusted distributor.

We work so that all final consumers have excellent food at their fingertips. These are the varieties that we have:

Black olive

We are your supplier of black olives, a food full of vitamins to give the body the energy it needs on a daily basis and is very common in Mediterranean diets. We have different formats and types. You just have to ask us and we will give you all the necessary information.

Green olive

The green olive is usually a perfect appetizer when we go to have a drink at a bar and sometimes we are not aware of its benefits. In all its varieties, it is a very attractive product, both for its delicious flavor and for the nutritional values ​​that it can provide us. We have different formats and types.


As distributors of pickles, we offer you a large number of foods submerged in a salt preparation with which they obtain their characteristic flavor. You can find onions, gherkins, banderillas... All kinds of appetizers that are capable of being preserved for a long time.

Original quality food

Expoconsemur is a supplier of olives and pickles that brings excellent quality foods to the consumer's plate, from the manufacturer, to ensure that their most beneficial properties last over time.

We are specialists in preserves of natural products and the best qualities so that each client can enjoy a delicious and beneficial meal for their body. Who doesn't like to eat a small plate of olives and assorted pickles from time to time as a complement to a refreshing drink?

Choose Expoconsemur as your new supplier of olives and pickles

At Expoconsemur we have a long experience of more than 50 years in this sector and we supply a large quantity of preserves in Spain and in several countries of the European Union on a daily basis. And most importantly, always faithful to the nature of these foods.

We are the supplier of olives and pickles that assures you the most delicious flavor and properties!


More than 35 years in the food market. We are specialists in white label or private label.


An example of our vision to expand the market and introduce new products.

When the profession is by vocation, it becomes a source of greater satisfaction.

Qualified, motivated and efficient professionals driven by the desire to offer you the best products and full support to achieve your business goals.

Our familiarity and high knowledge of each market allows us to support and suggest commercial policies to configure market strategies for each product.