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We offer you an excellent selection of products with a private label or distributor brand of rice.

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A great source of vitamins, proteins and minerals for the day to day

Obtaining from different foods the amount of nutrients that our body needs on a daily basis is extremely important. Are you looking for the best alternatives for your customers? At Expoconsemur we offer you rice from the manufacturer so that you can enjoy a product of the highest quality.

We invite you to learn about the variants that will become the desire of end consumers every day:


Our varieties of rice will be the main protagonists of many weekly menus, since it can be presented in different ways on the plate. Are you more of having it as a main food or as a complement to a side dish?

It is the second most cultivated cereal in the world, although we could say that it is the first for consumption due to its economic price and all the benefits that it can provide us. Each intake is a great contribution of vitamins, proteins and minerals.

The importance of eating rice every week

Rice is a formidable source of carbohydrates, totally necessary to face the days with the necessary energy. Including this food in a couple of meals a week is something that nutritionists recommend, always taking care of the quantities.

There are different types of carbohydrates and those provided by rice are slowly absorbed, just like those of pasta, so that vigor and firmness that they guarantee us are unavoidable. With our rice manufacturer brand, all this is assured.

We always sell quality food

If you buy at Expoconsemur, you can ensure that quality is guaranteed. We put at your disposal all kinds of private label foods that have nothing to envy the big distributors.

Our rice manufacturer brand always offers you a natural product to add richness in every way to daily menus. We work with approved suppliers that have the necessary certifications of excellence.

Choose the Expoconsemur rice varieties for private label or distributor brand.

The more than 50 years that we have been working in this sector have allowed us to become a business that markets high-quality rice in various Spanish provinces, as well as in other countries of the European Union.

We put all kinds of basic foods at your fingertips. We provide the energy that each person requires in their day to day life!


More than 35 years in the food market. We are specialists in white label or private label.


An example of our vision to expand the market and introduce new products.

When the profession is by vocation, it becomes a source of greater satisfaction.

Qualified, motivated and efficient professionals driven by the desire to offer you the best products and full support to achieve your business goals.

Our familiarity and high knowledge of each market allows us to support and suggest commercial policies to configure market strategies for each product.